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The 2013 winner

The Winner of The Dorset Naga Challenge is


Michael Price

who picked 401 red chillies off his plant


Michael is from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, and runs Prices Spices (www.pricesspices.com)


Congratulations Michael


Michael bought his Dorset Naga plant as a plug plant from us at the Edible Garden Show in March. How he looked after his plant is shown in this picture essay:

All photos are by Michael Price.

Growing Chillies under lights

The chilli plants in early spring


A Dorset Naga plant ready for planting out

Time to plant out the Dorset Naga plant


Capilliary matting to draw up water. Watering system for a Dorset Naga chilli plant

Watering system


Young Dorset Naga chilli plant Dorset Naga chilli plant starting to grow

The growing Dorset Naga plant


Dorset Naga chili plant getting even bigger Chillies turning red on the Dorset Naga plant

Getting larger


Green chillies appearing on the Dorset Naga plant  Dorset Naga plant full of red chillies

The developing Dorset Naga chillies


Dorset Naga plant ready for harvest

The 10.5 month old Dorset Naga plant in November ready for picking - it had 401 red chillies

Picking the chillies