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Buy your chilli plug plants here

                                   ... and don't forget the sweet pepper plug plants as well!

Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world

 We offer a wide range of chilli varieties, from very mild to superhot, and four varieties of sweet peppers. This means you can buy exactly what will suit your needs.

Orders accepted now

Plants sent out end of April/late May
p&p is a flat rate of £4.50


To order your plug plants please go to:


(Please note: this is a different website and you will have to register again.)


Capsicum annuum chilli plug plant Capsicum chinense chilli plug plant Fairy Lights plug plants

Capsicum annuum (left) and C. chinense (middle) and Fairy Lights (right) chilli plug plants.


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collection of chiliies from Sea Spring Seeds