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A fruity Brazilian chilli that is known by several names. At Sea Spring Seeds we sell this variety under the name "Chupetinho". Note: this is a chilli, not the sweet version.

Approximate heat level: 27,000 SHU
Chillies var. Chupetinho (aka Biquinho)Chillies var. Chupetinho (aka Biquinho)

Price: £2.00

Capsicum chinense

Chupetinho chilli plants are bushy with gracefully spreading branches that bear loads of small, teardrop-shaped fruit, measuring 15 x 25mm. The fruit are red when mature and are modestly hot for a habanero. The fruit are sweet tasting and fleshy, and given their size and heat level, are perfect for pickling, which is one way they are used in Brazil.

Though the plants are by no means compact, they grow brilliantly in pots as small as 20cm in diameter.

Of Brazilian origin, this chilli is known by several names. The two most common names are "Chupetinho" and "Biquinho", but others include "pimenta de bico" and "chupetinha".  We, at Sea Spring Seeds, use the name "Chupetinho" on our seed packs. There is also another variety that is identical in appearance to Chupetinho; it is just as sweet and good flavoured, but is a sweet pepper (has no heat whatsoever). These are sold in jars as pickled peppers, and are sometimes called "Pearl".

Approximate number of seed per pack: 20