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Habanero chilli seeds

'Habanero' is the generic name given to chillies belonging to the species Capsicum chinense (for more information click here). Habanero chillies, also often called 'Scotch Bonnet', have a distinctive, fruity flavour and are renown for being very spicy. However, habaneros can also be mild, and the chillies sold by Sea Spring Seeds range in heat level from almost heatless (but very good flavour) to the 'superhots', the world's hottest chillies.

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Habanero chillies


A high yielding chilli with bold, deeply-grooved fruit that have a very pleasant fruity aroma.

Approximate heat level: 40,000 SHU

Price: £2.00

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Turtle Claw

An unusual variety yielding masses of worm-shaped, lemon-flavoured fruit on tidy, bushy plants. Approximate heat level: 96,000 SHU

Price: £2.00

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Yellow Bumpy

An attractive, very fragrant and hot habanero producing unusual top-shaped fruit that are pastel yellow with a bumpy surface.

Approximate heat level: 130,000 SHU

Price: £2.20

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