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Fire by name, and fire by nature...need we say more?

Approximate Heat level: 572,000 SHU

Fire, a superhot chilliSuperhot chilli var. Fire

Price: £4.00

Capsicum chinense

Originating in Suriname, this habanero-type chilli registered a surprising 572,000 SHU when grown on our Dorset nursery in 2011. The wrinkled, elongated fruit are wide at the shoulder, then quickly taper down to a point. They are about 60mm long, change from green to red as they ripen, and have a lovely aroma when broken open.

The plants are fairly tall and do best in the ground or large pots, 10 litres or more in volume. Seed supply is limited and the price reflects this fact.

 Approximate heat level: 572,000 SHU

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 10

Sea Spring Seeds variety

We also sell plug plants of this variety: see www.seaspringplants.co.uk