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Chilli Seeds

Vegetable chillies are relatively large-fruited and thick-fleshed, and tend to be milder than the spice-type varieties. Because of their bulk, these chillies are used mostly as a vegetable, playing virtually the same culinary role as sweet peppers – they are ideal stuffed with meat, rice or cheese; chopped into salads or salsas; and cooked in stews, stir fries and omelettes.

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Vegetable-type chillies

Thai Pumpkin

A novel pumpkin-shaped Thai chilli with plenty of heat.

Approximate heat level: 36,000 SHU

Price: £2.00

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Perhaps the oddest shaped pepper we sell – three or four wings spread out from the bottom of the fruit, giving the fruit a vaguely bell-like appearance.

Approximate heat level: 13,000 SHU

Price: £2.00

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