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Weeding lettuce trial at Sea Spring Seeds
All varieties are tried, tested and tasted by us on our nursery in West Dorset.

We sell vegetable seeds of reliable, productive and good tasting varieties that are suitable for the home and allotment garden. In our search for the best varieties we run trials on our nursery in West Dorset, where we assess their growing qualities (yield, bolt resistance, etc.), and culinary features such as flavour and general utility.

Vegetables seeds

  •  We are best known for our great selection of chilli peppers. Many are hard-to-find or unique varieties bred by us for British conditions. Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world, was developed by us.
  • We specialise in tomatoes, and offer an extensive range of tomato types, colours and sizes.
  • We promote ‘Easy Peasy Gardening’, for time-stressed adults, children and anyone without a garden.
  • We sell British ethnic vegetables – varieties collected from immigrant communities.


After all …

Why grow an ordinary vegetable when you can grow an exceptional one?

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cayennetta chilli plant
Cayennetta chilli plant.
chilli plug plant
Apricot chilli plug plant

We sell an assorted range of chilli and sweet pepper plug plants. Orders accepted from October to May; delivery in late April and May. Early orders sent out first.

From June to September (until we run out) we sell mature chilli plants in 1 litre pots. Plants are well grown and will have flowers or fruit on them, depending on the month ordered.

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New for 2021 – chilli varieties bred by Sea Spring Seeds!

  • Dawn
    • Dawn

      Attractive plants produce masses of colourful frui grow upright above the foilage, looking quite amazing.

      Heat level: approx. 50,000 SHU

    • Dawn

    • £2.20
  • Dusk
    • Dusk

      An extremely pretty chilli covered in regal fruit that mature from a deep purple to dark red.

      Heat level: approx. 45,000 SHU

    • Dusk

    • £2.20



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