Sea view at Sea Spring Farm
Sea view at Sea Spring Farm


Sea Spring Plants sells chilli plants

It is a separate enterprise to its big sister, Sea Spring Seeds. Both are based at Sea Spring Farm, a specialist nursery overlooking the English Channel in West Dorset.

Sea Spring Plants has its own website. So if you want to buy chilli plants go to

Sea Spring Plants is a business in two halves:

cayennetta chilli
A Cayennetta chilli plant in a 1 litre pot ready for selling

Mature chilli plants (June to September)

We sell large chilli plants in 1 litre pots. These chilli plants are well grown, but their exact maturity and number of fruit on them will depend on the month you make your purchase.

Chilli and sweet pepper plug plants (orders taken October to May; delivery April and May)

Dorset Naga plug plant
A Dorset Naga plug plant ready for selling.

We sell chilli and sweet pepper plug plants from the end of April and up to the end of May. We start taking pre-orders for  plug plants from October of the previous year, and the start mailing out in the third week of April. We send orders out according to the date the order was made, with the earliest orders, i.e. those made in October, being sent out first.