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Sea Spring Seeds symbols

To better describe the varieties we sell, we have added symbols to selected varieties throughout our catalogue.  

To see all products belonging to each categories type the abbreviation in the website search box.


SSS   =  Varieties exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds

 As far as we know Sea Spring Seeds is the only British seed company selling these varieties. Many were developed by us on our West Dorset nursery.


PC = Patio Chillies

Chilli varieties that produce small, usually pungent fruit on short, compact plants ideal for growing unsupported in pots.


BrEn  British Ethnic

These are exotic vegetables that over the years, we at Sea Spring Seeds have collected from both immigrant shops and allotments.

The seed has been propagated by us from the original material we collected, so you can be sure of their authenticity. This is a real opportunity to grow a little-known bit of British gardening tradition.


EPG = Easy Peasy Gardening

The varieties with this symbol are all salad and stir fry vegetables that can be used for what we call 'Easy Peasy Gardening'. The varieties are productive and easy to grow:

  • They can be grown in containers without tying, training or special handling.
  • Many are adapted to growing both outdoors and inside a tunnel, greenhouse or cold frame.
  • They can be direct seeded, bypassing the need for transplants.
  • Most are fast growers, so there is relatively little waiting time for the first harvest.
  • Most can be harvested 2 or 3 times from a single sowing.

For instructions on starting an Easy Peasy garden click here.


BrHeritage = A British Heritage variety

British Heritage varieties are ones that have been available in British seed catalogues for fifty years or longer. They are open pollinated, and with their proven longevity are clearly popular varieties that have been thoroughly tried and tested under all types of garden conditions.


AGM = Award of Garden Merit

An Award of Garden merit indicates that a variety is recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society. An AGM, which is awarded only after a period of assessment by RHS Standing and Joint Committees, is intended to highlight the best varieties available to the modern gardener. Any variety with an AGM, therefore, has been deemed to be excellent for ordinary use.