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Quick tips for sowing cucumbers

The purpose of sowing is to produce transplans from which the crop is grown.

  • Getting started: Sow into seed trays filled with fine-textured compost.
  • Sowing date:
    • For growing undercover: late April to May.
    • For growing outdoors: late May to June.
  •  Sowing depth: 10mm.
  • Sowing temperature: Optimum is 24-25˚C, though anywhere from 21˚C – 32˚C will do.
  • Top tips:
    • Expose seedlings to strong light as soon as they emerge.
    • Never water seedlings in the late afternoon or evening since this will cause damping off.
    • The traditional advice of planting seed on its side is an old wives' tale – don't believe it.

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