At Sea Spring Seeds we have the heat level tested of most (except the very mildest) chilli varieties we sell. We do this so we can provide accurate information about our chilli varieties, helping our customers decide which to buy.


Ripe chillies are harvested in August or September. We want our measurements to represent a true crop average, so we pick fruit from every plant in the crop. The whole, undamaged fruit are then dried down in a desiccator, and sent to Warwick University where all the fruit are ground into a powder and tested using the HPLC process.

Please note, these results are an indication only. Although the variety has an over-riding influence on the heat level of a chilli, individual plants and even individual fruit vary enormously. In addition, the growing environment and stage of ripeness also have significant influences on the heat level of a chilli.


To see photographs and details of individual chillies click on the variety name.

Mild chillies  (up to 5,000 SHU)

Mulato Isleno: not tested, very mild
Thai Green Curry: not tested, very mild
Beaver Dam: not tested, mild 
Draky: not tested, mild
Krimzon Lee: not tested, mild
Piment Curry: not tested, mild
Ostry: not tested, mild
NuMex Joe E. Parker: not tested, mild
Apple Crisp:400 SHU
Apricot: 700 SHU
Bellaforma: 700 SHU
Bulgarian Fish: 900 SHU
Sivri Biber: 1,500 SHU
Tangerine Dream: 2,100 SHU
Green Trinidad Scorpion: 3,000 SHU
Telica Jalapeño: 4,000 SHU 

Low Medium chillies (5,000 – 20,000 SHU)

Rodeo: 5,100 SHU
Hungarian Hot Wax: 6,000 SHU
Spaghetti: 8,500 SHU
Sante Fe Grande: 9,000 SHU
Pimiento de Padron: 12,000 SHU
Tinkerbell: 13,000 SHU
Cayennetta: 20,000 SHU (not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)
Joe’s Long Cayenne: 22,000 SHU

High Medium chillies (20,000 – 35,000 SHU)

Loco: 24,000 SHU
Jalapeño M: 24,000 SHU
Stumpy: 27,000 SHU
Chupetinho: 27,000 SHU
Bolivian Rainbow: Medium to Hot (not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)
NuMex Twilight: 30,000 SHU
Early Jalapeño: 33,000 SHU
Super Tramp: 34,000 SHU
Aji Limo: 35,000 SHU

Hot chillies (35,000 – 100,000 SHU)

Thai Pumpkin: 36,000 SHU
Aji Benito: 37,000 SH
Pettie Belle: 38,000 SHU
Trinity: 40,000 SHU
Fairy Lights: 47,000 SHU
Tabasco: 50,000 SHU (estimate; not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)
Hot Scotch: 55,000 SHU
Apache: 65,000 SHU (estimate; not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)
Lemon Drop: 56,000 SHU
Charleston Hot: 58,000 SHU
Cheeky: 70,000 SHU
Pumpkin: 73,000 SHU
Umbrella: 73,000 SHU
Purple Haze: 75,000 SHU
Coffee Bean: 77,000 SHU
Kala Morich: 85,000 SHU 
Raindrop: 88: SHU
Raj’s Wiri Wiri: 88,000 SHU
Turtle Claw: 96,000 SHU
Spike: 97,000 SHU

Very hot (100,000 – 500,000 SHU)

Jamaican Jerk: 105,000 SHU
Prairie Fire: 108,000 SHU
Yellow Bumpy: 130,000 SHU
Submarine: 135,000 SHU
Sparkler: 160,000 SHU
Rooster Spur: 179,000 SHU
Orange Habanero: 249,000 SHU
Fatali: 263,000 SHU
Paper Lantern: 300,000 SHU
Devil’s Rib: 414,000 SHU
Fire: 572,000 SHU

Superhots (over 500,000 SHU)

Bengle Naga: 923,000 SHU
Dorset Zinger:1,058,000 SHU
Dorset Naga: 1,221,000 SHU
Moruga Scorpion:

For information on Scoville heat levels click here.

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