These chilli growing kits provide everything needed* for starting three chilli plants that will grow into beautiful, edible house plants. They are specifically for people who are not experienced chilli growers. The plants will look fantastic on a windowsill, or in the conservatory or sunny porch or anywhere in the house that gets plenty of sunshine.

* You will have to buy is a small bag of multi-purpose compost for potting the plants on.

Each kit contains the seed and equipment for growing three chilli plants:
• A pack of chilli seeds (up to 20 seeds, depending on the variety you choose)
• Seed tray
• High dome lid for the seed tray
• Seeding compost for the seed tray
• Bottle top waterer for watering the seedlings
• Three 1 litre pots
• Labels for the pots
• Detailed instructions for growing your chilli plants