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Emerald Isle

Highly productive variety yielding small, oval fruit that are attractively coloured in shades of green.
Aubergine plant var. Emerald Isle laden with fruit ready for pickingAubergine plant var. Emerald Isle

Price: £2.50

Solanum melongena

Very good yields of plumb, mostly oval fruit that are quite small – they should be harvested when about 35mm in diameter. The fruit have a tender skin, and, unusual for an aubergine, are attractively blotched in various shades of green. The plants are short and bushy, and grow brilliantly in pots at least 7.5 litres in volume.

Please note: Though similar in appearance, Emerald Isle is not the crisp-textured ‘apple’ aubergine often eaten raw in Thai cuisine. Rather, it has the typically soft, spongy flesh of ‘standard’ aubergine varieties.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 10