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Bulgarian Fish

A traditional Bulgarian variety that produces magnificent mild fruit that are both crispy and sweet. Traditionally used for pickling, but are also suitable for eating raw and cooking.

Approximate heat level: 900 SHU
A Bulgarian chilli called FishChilli var. Bulgarian Fish

Price: £2.20

Capsicum annuum

A traditional Bulgarian variety that produces magnificent fruit on plants about 60cm tall. The elongated fruit measure 30 x 115mm and change from green to red as they ripen. The flesh is fairly thick and has a crunchy texture like a sweet pepper. We’re uncertain about the significance of its name, though it may refer to the peculiarities of the fruit’s shape: flattened lengthwise and widest in the middle ¬– like a fish?. Our first seeds were given to us by a Bulgarian gardener living locally, and according to her, Fish is a popular variety for pickling. We’re not great fans of pickling, but feel that it is versatile enough to be eaten both raw (as in salsas and mixed salads) and cooked (pizza topping and curry come to mind).

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15

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