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Aci Kil

A Turkish chilli that is traditionally eaten immature, but will ripen to a useful, medium-heat cayenne chilli

Heat level: approx 24,000 SHU

Turkish chilli pepper var. Aci KilTurkish chilli pepper var. Aci Kil

Price: £2.20

Capsicum annuum

This Turkish pepper is renown for its long, skinny fruit, which are usually about 22cm long and under 1.5cm wide at the top. The fruit are traditionally picked immature when they are green, extremely mild, and the seeds are still quite soft. On the other hand, you can forget tradition and let them ripen to red, when they are nice cayenne chillies with a medium heat.

The plants are a manageable 50cm tall, and get so laden with fruit they will need support to keep them from toppling over. Heat level: approx 24,000 SHU

Aci Kil is part of our Turkish pepper collection that includes Dolma and Sivri Biber.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15

A British ethnic variety