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Green Trinidad Scorpion

A curious habanero that stays green as it ripens. Fruit are mild and very fragrant.

Approx. heat level: 3,000 SHU

Green Trinidad is a mild, fragrant habanero chilliHabanero chilli var. Green Trinidad

Price: £2.20

Capsicum chinense

This curious habanero wouldn’t be out of place in Alice’s Wonderland. The young fruit are green, and as they ripen they stay, well, or more or less green. More precisely, they turn an olive green with patches of yellow showing up in over-mature fruit. They are mild (unusual for a habanero) and have a lovely fragrance, making them the perfect choice for people who like the fruity flavour of habaneros/scoth bonnets, but do not like that much heat. The fruit measure about 23 x 75mm, and the plants are about 90cm tall and 40cm wide. With the green fruit only downside of Green Trinidad is the difficulty of knowing when to harvest the fruit, though experience and practice will soon put that right.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15