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All habanero chillies

Save more than £15

One pack each of all the habanero chilli varieties sold by Sea Spring Seeds.

Note: This offer does not include the superhots.

Images of seven different habanero chilliesAssorted habanero chillies

Price: £40.00

Buy a pack of each habanero variety we sell and save more than £15.00   (note: this offer does not include the superhots).

'Habanero' is the generic name given to spice-type chillies belonging to the species Capsicum chinense (for more information on habaneros click here). Habaneros are highly prized for their distinctive, fruity flavour. They also have a reputation for being very hot – however, not all are, and the habaneros sold by Sea Spring Seeds range in heat from very mild to extremely hot.

Generally, habaneros are not easy chillies to grow. Many varieties are slow to germinate, and some of the varieties we sell are especially fussy.  To get the best results, sow early, maintain a germination temperatures of 27˚C, and be patient – they do not all come up at once. Though they may be difficult to grow these are superb chillies – the royalty among the chillies – and are well worth the effort.