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Jamaican Jerk

A Jamaican variety distinguished by large orange-yellow fruit with a distinctive orange aroma.

Approximate heat level: 105,000 SHU
Jamaican Jerk chilliHabanero chilli var. Jamaican Jerk

Price: £2.00

Capsicum chinense

Originally collected from a Jamaican stallholder in London's Brixton Market, this exceptional habanero, averaging about 105,000 SHU, is distinguished by a powerful and really lovely orange aroma. The deeply grooved fruit mature from green to an attractive orange-yellow and grow up to 30–35mm in diameter. The plants branch from the base and grow into tall, wide bushes that need support. A genuine British Caribbean chilli.

Number of seeds per pack: 15 seeds

  • Sea Spring Seeds variety
  • British Ethnic

Note: this is a fussy, very difficult chilli to germinate. We have added 5 extra seed, but even then only experienced growers should attempt to grow this variety from seed.

We also  sell plug plants of this chilli, see www.seaspringplants.co.uk