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A bushy, very attractive "stand-out-and-notice-me" habanero that produces masses of hot, fruity, yellow fruit.

Approximate heat level: 55,000 SHU
Hot and beautiful habanero chilli var. LemmonellaHot habanero chilli var. Lemmonella

Price: £2.50

Capsicum chinense

A very attractive habanero chilli that produces masses of wrinkled fruit that hang down from under the branches. The fruit, which start green and ripen to a lemon yellow, have an elongated shape with a bulge in the middle, and slightly pointed at the tip. They measure around 15 x 45mm. They are thin-fleshed (making them easy to dry), very fruity flavoured and hot. What’s not to like? 

A "stand-out and notice me" variety that is a distinctive addition to our ever-increasing habanero collection.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 20