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Jalapeño M

High yielding jalapeño chilli that produces large, hot fruit on medium-sized plants.

Approximate heat level: 24,000 SHU

Jalapeno chilliesChilli var. Jalapeño M

Price: £2.00

Capsicum annuum

The medium-sized plants of this jalapeño are very productive, especially for a non-hybrid. Its fruit measure about 2.5 x 8cm and turn from green to red as they mature. They are quite hot (reaching 24,000 SHU on our nursery) and are more tapered and less sausage-shaped than typical jalapeño fruit.

Indispensable in both Mexican and Southwest American cuisine, jalapeños are as versatile as they are well known, and are equally at home when pickled, added to salsas, baked into corn bread, or sliced into rings for pizza toppings.Though the fruit are traditionally eaten green – when they have a herbaceous, green pepper flavour – they are equally as good when red ripe.

 Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20