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Rocoto Long

For a different chilli experience try growing a rocoto, with its black seeds and distinctive flavour.

Approximate heat level: 60,000 SHU

Chilli var. Rocoto LongRocoto chilli

Price: £2.50

Capsicum pubescens

If you want a different chilli experience, Rocoto Long is certainly worth a try. Like other rocotos, it has black (actually very dark purple) seeds, purple flowers and hairy leaves and stems.

Unlike many rocoto varieties, the fruit of this variety are quite narrow in relation to their length – the larger ones average about 5.5cm long and 2.5 cm. Heat levels reach an impressive 60,000 SHUs, and the medium-thick flesh has a pleasant aroma that can be described as floral. The fruit ripen quite late in the season, changing from green to red.

Despite their sprawling growth habit (which can be up to 1.8m wide) the plants do well in larger pots about 15 litres in size.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 15