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Santa fe Grande

An early maturing jalapeño chilli with fruit that turn from yellow to red as they ripen.

Approximate heat level: 5,300 SHU

Sante Fe Grande chilli plantPotted plant of Santa Fe Grande

Price: £2.00

Capsicum annuum

An oldie but a goodie, this American variety has been around for years. But don’t let its age fool you: it can still compete with the newer breeds of chilli on both earliness and yield. The cone-shaped fruit are about 30x65mm in size and turn from yellow to orange and then red as they mature.  While not the hottest chilli around, it still measures a respectable 5,300 SHU. The plants grow into medium-sized, tidy bushes that are suitable for smaller greenhouses and tunnels – just be sure to grow them in containers at least 7.5 litre in size.

This variety is as versatile as it is good looking, and cooks with a creative flare will certainly find a place for it in their kitchens. Put a few of the yellow fruit in a pico de gallo salsa along with some green jalapeños for a quirky mix of colours. Or, scramble the chopped chillies with eggs, courgettes and garlic, stir in a bit of fish sauce and sugar, and top with coriander leaves for a real flavour packed breakfast. Likewise, slice them in half lengthwise and use the halves for dipping into guacamole and salsas.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20