Mixed chillies


A generous bag of mixed chillies. A colourful mix of chillies with a wide range of flavours and heat levels. A real Russian Roulette.

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If you order a mixed bag you might get anything; the only thing we can guarantee is that you will get value for money and never get the same from one order to the next.

The assortment of chillies you get will be very colourful, and will include a wide range of heat levels and flavours. The chillies in each bag will be an odd assortment of fruit picked from plants in our breeding programme and variety trials, as well as some of our old habanero favorites, including Orange Habanero, Paper Lantern, lemonella, Wraith  or  Hot Chocolate, or possibly all of them.

Colourful mix of chillies
A collection of fresh mixed chillies