Bottle Top Squirter

£0.75 incl. VAT

A water top that produces a steady flow of water; good for watering out-of-reach plants or those with too many leaves in the way.


The Bottle Top Squirter will fit most bottles
The Bottle Top Squirter is for watering plants that are hard to reach.

The nozzle produces a steady flow of a single line of water. The jet of water can be placed very accurately, making it useful for watering individual plants that are hard to reach or for

getting under the leaves of plants that make watering with a watering can difficult as the water just flows off.  It is also useful for watering any house plant kept on a windowsill.

This bottle top squirter will fit most disposable plastic bottles, e.g pepsi, sprite, many water bottles, etc.  Simply fill the used bottle with water, screw on the nozzle, turn it upside down and squeeze!

Also good for water fights for young kids!