Bottle Top Waterer

£0.75 incl. VAT

A fantastically useful tool: a waterer that actually works. This item is so simple no gardener should be without it.


An incredibly useful tool!

This bottle top waterer will fit most disposable plastic bottles, e.g pepsi, sprite, many water bottles, etc.  Simply fill the used bottle with water, screw on the nozzle, turn it upside down and squeeze!

The nozzle produces a fine spray of water that is ideal for watering in newly sown seeds without flooding them. It is also the best product available for watering delicate seedlings and for any house plant kept on a windowsill. In fact, don’t get one, get three or four, so if you lose or break one, there is another to use without delay.

Note: Currently, the Bottle Top Waterers we are selling are green.