Capillary Matting (aquamat)

£4.50 incl. VAT

Capillary matting acts as a reservoir supplying a steady supply of water to pots standing on the matting.

Sold by the metre. Width: 60cm.


Aquamat capillary matting is made up of 14 finely spaced layers, each one acting as a reservoir, resulting in a steady supply of water to the roots of plants in pots standing on the matting. As the plants use the water it is replaced by more held in the matting, so a uniform supply is available to the  plants over a long period of time, even when on a slope or uneven benching.

The matting is ideal for greenhouse and indoor plants as it is economical, virtually automatic and saves a great deal of time and energy. The capillary matting is particularly useful during short absences. It is rot proof, non toxic, easy to use and can easily be cut to the required size with a knife or scissors.

Technical details:

  • Weight: 380-400g/metre squared
  • Field capacity: 3.2 litres/metre squared
  • Capillary rise: 7cm or more depending on water softness
  • Colour: Green upper and white underneath

Width: 60cm

Sold by the metre.