Chilli and Pepper Focus: 1 litre

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A fertiliser formulated especially for use on Capsicum species – that is all sweet peppers and chilli peppers.


Chilli and Pepper Focus

A fertiliser formulated especially for use on Capsicum species, i.e. sweet peppers and chilli peppers. The manufacturers – Growth Technology – state that the fertiliser is:

“A carefully balanced formula of nutrients […] manufactured from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids such as humic and fulvic acid to increase the fertility of the potting medium. It is expertly formulated for optimum growth of chillies and peppers in pots, grow bags or in the open ground.”

Chilli and Pepper Focus is the only fertiliser on the market specifically formulated for pepper plants. It is easy to apply and should be used regularly right from the seedling stage.  The recommended application rate for seedlings and young plants is 5 ml per litre of clean water, applied in every watering; then from the first sign of bloom increase the dilution rate to 10 ml per litre of water and apply with every watering.

Based on our experience from a trial we did on our nursery, this fertiliser certainly works. We got fantastic results, getting magnificent pepper plants that were very healthy – lots of dark green leaves – and high yields; i.e. plants that anyone should be very proud of.  So if you want to have the best chilli plants this specialised fertiliser is a very good start.

However, we have to warn you, Chilli and Pepper Focus is an expensive option. There are plenty of other plant feeds around, specifically many tomato feeds and general purpose fertilisers, that are a cheaper option and will produce good quality, healthy pepper plants. That being said, after conducting our trials we were so impressed, after years of using other fertilisers, we decided to switch to the Chilli and Pepper Focus for our plants.

Chilli and Pepper Focus also comes in 5-litre containers. We do not sell these from our website as shipping would require a courier, and our shipping charges to not reflex this cost. But if anyone is interested in buying a 5-litre container please contact us.