Jiffy-7 Pellets

£1.00 incl. VAT


10 x Compressed peat pellets that expand when soaked in water for sowing seeds.


Jiffy-7 pellets are compressed blocks of sterilized peat wrapped in a fine netting. They offer a convenient and simple method of raising seedlings without having to buy a bag of compost.

The pellets are supplied dry and very compressed, 33mm in diameter and about 5mm thick. When soaked in water they expand to their full usable size of 43mm tall. The pellets have a pH of 5.3, and they are fully fertilised.

Seed can be sown directly into the expanded pellet – just make a little hole in the moisten compost, drop the seed in and then gently cover.

Alternatively, seed can be sown in a seed tray and transferred into the expanded pellet to grow on. Make a hole with the back of a pencil and drop the seedling and all its roots into the hole. Give the expanded pellet a little squeeze to introduce a little air into the compost and improve drainage.

dorset naga plug plant
A Dorset Naga plant in a jiffy-7 pellet

As the seedlings develop their roots will grow through the fine netting. It is at this stage that the plants are ready for potting on. The manufacturers say the netting does not need to be removed as the roots grow through unrestricted. However, the netting is not biodegradable, so we always remove the netting before potting on. It is very easy to do, just tear one side and gently pull it off.

The beauty of the Jiffy-7 pellets is their convenience. If you want to sow some seeds but do not want to buy a bag of compost, or do not want to have an open bag of compost hanging around after you have sown all your seed, then the pellets are for you. They are more expensive than using compost, so you must balance convenience against expense and decide which is best for you.

The pellets are also good for children and anyone who does not want to get their hands dirty.

Ten pellets for £1.00


Please note: the pellets we are selling now are 33mm wide, which is smaller than the ones we were selling earlier.