Secateurs for left hands

£22.00 incl. VAT

These high quality pruners are perfectly formed for left hand use.


Professional bypass pruner from Darlac for left hands

These pruners are perfectly formed for left hand use. The blade is reversed for left-hand cutting, and they have a locking catch that can be operated with the left thumb. Suitable for both professional and amateur gardeners, they have a strong, yet light forged aluminium body and precision ground blade, and a decisive tensioning system with a locking plate to prevent loosening while in use.

The handles are non-slip, and the blade is made of high carbon steel coated to reduce friction and help prevent rusting. The blade can easily be sharpened and the tension adjusted to suit the user.

As a general all-purpose tool, these secateurs effortlessly cope with heavy duty tasks while also being the perfect tool for general light pruning.

We believe the quality of Darlac pruners rivals any of the top market brands, while the price is considerably lower. We highly recommend them.

Weight: 225g
Overall Length: 175mm
Cut Capacity: 20mm
Maintenance: Remove sap after use. Oil and sharpen as necessary and store in a dry place. For comprehensive care and garden pruner maintenance advice, check out the Darlac factsheet: A Pruner for Life guide here.

A Gardeners’ World best buy.


Bypass secateurs/pruners

“Bypass” secateurs have a single sharpened blade, which passes against a curved metal surface in a similar cutting action to scissor blades. If the blade is sharp – and it is easily sharpened – these secateurs will give a clean cut with little effort.

Bypass secateurs are ideal for precision pruning, and this particular model is well balanced, versatile and strong. However, they should not be used to cut through stems thicker than 20mm, the recommended cutting diameter. To prune thicker branches it is better to use loppers or a pruning saw.