Tunnel Repair Tape (50mm wide)

£7.00 incl. VAT

Highly adhesive all weather tape for making long lasting repairs to tears polytunnels and cracks in greenhouse glass.


Highly adhesive tape for making long lasting repairs to tears and splits in polytunnels. The tape is UV stabilised – which means it is resistant to weathering and the harmful effects of the sun – and is highly transparent allowing maximum light penetration.

Can also be used to tape cracked glass in greenhouses, making it safe from further damage.

If you have a greenhouse or polytunnel it is worth having a couple of rolls of repair tape readily available, especially during the winter months when high winds can do a lot of damage. Being able to make quick and every effective repair can, quite literally, save a polytunnel cover or greenhouse glass from irreparable damage,  giving them an extra year or more of life.

To use the tunnel plastic, greenhouse glass, must be dry and clean. A quick wipe over the area with a tea towel will mean the repair lasts much longer. For best results a length of tape should be stuck on one side of the tear and rubbed on so the adhesive has full contact. The other side of the tear should then be pulled as close as possible before being stuck down. This should be repeated evenly across the tear, then a strip running along the tear filling in all the gaps.

– Quick to apply
– Totally transparent 
– U.V. stabilised
 – Highly adhesive

Good for:
– Repairs tears/splits in tunnel polythene covers
– Repairs cracked glass in greenhouses
– Joins polythene and PVC sheets that are to be exposed to the sun