Weed Knife

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A gardening knife that is ideal for weeding in the garden, as well as clearing weeds from between paving slabs.

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A gardening knife that is ideal for weeding vegetable and flower beds, as well as removing grass, weeds and other debris from between paving slabs, patios, path edges and block paving.

We love this weed knife. After 35 years of using the old-fashioned hand held hoe for all our weeding needs, we have now switched to using this weed knife. It is so easy to use, we just run the blade a few millimetres below the soil surface around the plants in the vegetable beds and it quickly and efficiently removes all small and not-so-small weeds.  And then it is perfect for clearing weeds between paving stones.

It is well balanced to use, and the ergonomic handle made of rubber fits in the hand perfectly.