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Labels – 5 'T' plant labels and pencil

Five flat 'T' plant labels made out of robust white plastic; and one soft (4B) pencil.

Price: £2.00

When growing vegetables you should always label what you have sown or just planted out – don't think "Oh I'll do that later" or "I'll remember so I don't have to", you won't! In a few weeks you've will gave no idea what is what.

Always write on the label with a sharpe pencil, the softer the pencil the better. If you use a permanent marker or pen to write on the label, over time the writing will fade and be impossible to read. The only writing implement that will NEVER fade is a soft pencil

 These packs contain:

  • 1 soft pencil (4B)
  • 5 heavy duty stick-in, flat 'T' labels (length: 200mm; writing area: 80mm x 50mm


large 'T' plant labels