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Mizuna var. Broadleaf

This mild-flavoured leafy brassica has large leaves that have broader midribs than normal mizuna.
Mizuna var. BroadleavedMizuna var. Broadleaved

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 Brassica rapa Japonica Group

A mild-flavoured leafy brassica producing rosettes of deeply cut, feathery leaves with relatively broad midribs. The plants are quite bolt-resistant, especially when compared with normal mizuna. Left to grow to full size the plants produce mop-top loose heads good for once-over cutting. Alternatively, they are ideal for cut-and-come-again when harvested small. Like most of the Oriental leaves, Broadleaved Mizuna is excellent in both salads and stir fries.

Sow from May to August for outdoor crops, and in September for overwintering in tunnels and greenhouses. Leave 30cm spacing between plants if producing full-sized heads, growing the plants somewhat closer together for cut-and-come-again crops.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 500

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