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Pak choi var. Yang Qing Choi

A superb, green stemmed pak choi that is very bolt-resistant.
Yang Quin Choi bok choiPak Choi var. Yang Quin Choi

Price: £2.40

Brassica rapa Chinensis Group

Hybrid. At long last, we’ve found what we’ve been looking for – a green stemmed pak choi that is very bolt resistant.

This is a superb pak choi that produces dark green leaves with light green midribs and displays very good bolt resistance. Compared to the white-ribbed, tall growing Joi Choi (which we also sell), Yang Qing Choi is shorter-statured but is equally delicious in salads and stir fries. Let the plants grow to full size for a one-time harvests, or make continuous harvests under a cut-and-grow-again harvesting regime.

Sow from June to August for outside crops, and in September/October for overwintering in tunnels and greenhouses. Start the seeds in modular trays, and transplant the seedlings, about 20cm apart, when roots have filled their cells.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 50


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