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Tatsoi var. Yukina Savoy

A tatsoi variety with spoon-shaped, blistered leaves that are dark green.
Tatsoi var. Yukina SavoyTatsoi var. Yukina Savoy

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Brassica chinensis Narinosa Group

This Oriental green produces blistered, spoon-shaped leaves that are dark green and grow in an upright rosette. The leaves are firm-textured and more strongly-flavoured than other Oriental greens. The plants can be cut at ground level for a one-time harvest when the rosettes are about 25cm tall. Alternatively, the leaves can be cut a few centimetres above the ground and harvested several times under a cut-and-grow-again system.

Seeds can be sown from July to August for outside crops, and in the autumn for overwintering in tunnels or greenhouses. Leave about 30cm between plants for full sized plants, closer for smaller plants.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 500

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