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Carouby de Maussane

A tall-growing mangetout pea with beautiful purple flowers and particularly large, edible pods.
Pea var. Carouby de MaussanePea var. Carouby de Maussane

Price: £1.50

Pisum sativum

A tall-growing mangetout pea producing very large, edible pods measuring over 20 x 100mm. The pods are mildly sweet and should be harvested when they are still flat and before the peas inside become engorged. As an added feature of this variety, the flowers are a beautiful decorative purple.

Sow seeds from the beginning of April to mid-June for outside crops. Alternatively, sow in September for overwintering in tunnels or greenhouses. Grow in double rows about 25cm apart, leaving 7.2cm between plants within the row. Plants are tall and need to be staked or trellised.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 150