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Raspberry Ruffles

A perfectly formed miniature plant that produces a good crop of tasty red fruit.

Fruit type: small

Tomato plant var. Raspberry RufflesTomato plant var. Raspberry Ruffles

Price: £2.20

Solanum lycopersicum

The small, well-proportioned plants grow up to 25cm tall and are better suited for growing in containers rather than in the ground. Ours did fairly well in pots 13cm in diameter – though they did get top-heavy and the pots needed securing to stay upright – and all things considered, we feel that bigger pots would be preferable.

The red fruit measure only 3cm in diameter and are juicy and mild-flavoured. Certainly, Raspberry Ruffles is a nice little variety that’s the ideal choice where space is tight.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15