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Indeterminate tomatoes

Indeterminate tomatoes are tall growing, cordon types whose main stem and the side shoots they produce can grow on almost indefinitely. To keep the plants under control, the side shoots should be regularly pinched out, leaving only the main stem to develop. These in turn need staking or trellising to keep them upright and off the ground. 

Other factors to consider when deciding which tomato variety to grow are:
• Fruit shape and size: standard/classic, small (cherry, mini plum, cocktail), beefsteak, miscellaneous.

• Fruit colour: Unripe tomatoes are green. As they ripen the fruit will change colour to red, yellow, orange, "black" and another shade of green.
• Fruit flavour: Sweetness and tartness are the dominant features of taste in tomatoes, but other volatile compounds contribute to both the aroma and flavour that make tomatoes what they are.

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Indeterminate ( aka cordon)

Steak Sandwich

A beefsteak tomato producing respectable yields of large fruit.

Fruit type: beefsteak.

Price: £2.50

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Sun Belle

A really nice golden tomato that is highly rated for both texture and taste.

Fruit type: small

Price: £2.20

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Very sweet, gold-coloured cherry tomato. Highly recommended.


Price: £2.50

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