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Pruden's Purple

An American heirloom tomato capable of producing huge fruit.

Fruit type: beefsteak

Tomato var. Prudens PurpleTomato var. Prudens Purple

Price: £2.00

Solanum lycopersicum

An American heirloom that is fairly early to mature. The pinkish fruit are gently ribbed and have a juicy, maybe even a buttery-smooth, flesh. This variety produces good yields of beefsteak type fruit (some of ours weighed well over half a kilo) and is one of the few heirloom types we feel is worth trying in the UK. The only downside is that the stalk end of the fruit tend to go hard and inedible, but this is a trifle that is barely an inconvenience.


Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20