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Greyhound is a top-notch summer cabbage, it has been around for 50+ years but still deserves a place in the garden.


Brassica oleracea, subsp. capitata

A top-notch summer cabbage that refuses to show its age. Considering Greyhound’s pedigree and longevity– it’s an open pollinated variety that’s over 50 years old – it is still a great performer that deserves a place in the garden. Charles Oldham, in his 1948 book Brassica Crops, said “the plants produce large heads that are pointed in shape”. Certainly, in our summer cabbage trial the heads were decent-sized with a shape that was almost always pointed. In respect to its performance, this old timer still has some life left in it, and given the cost of its seed, represents incredible value for money.

As an added bonus, it might be worth overwintering plants in a tunnel or greenhouse – ours performed admirably in our winter trials.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Approximate number of seed per pack: 500