Green Magic


Green Magic is a versatile, early maturing calabrese producing large, uniform, tasty spears. Highly recommended.


Brassica oleracea, subsp. Italica

Hybrid. Green Magic is a very versatile, tasty calabrese producing large, blue/green spears. The plants mature quickly, and produce high yields of uniform heads. After the main heads are harvested, you can expect decent crops of smaller side shoots resembling purple sprouting broccoli. Harvesting can continue for several weeks, although the side shoots continue getting smaller.  Overall, a sound variety that gives great value for money.

Sow from late March through to July into modules or seed tray and transplant when seedlings are well grown. Space plants 30x30cm each way. Harvest by cutting flower shoots (spears) when they are well formed but before the individual buds begin to open.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Approximate number of seed: 50 seeds

Note: There is often a confusion between the names ‘calabrese’ and ‘broccoli’. In fact, ‘calabrese’ is the correct name for large, green spears like Green Magic; ‘broccoli’ refers to the vegetable that produces much smaller spears that can be purple or white and are generally grown overwinter for a late winter/early spring harvest.