Bright Lights


A versatile and beautiful multi-coloured rainbow chard.


Beta vulgaris Cicla Group

A rainbow chard with upright, showy leaves and wide stalks that come in a range of colours, including pink, orange, yellow, red and white. It is a beautiful ornamental as well as a versatile, easy-to-grow vegetable that can be harvested at any stage of growth.

Leaves can be harvested as baby leaves, when they are very tender and suitable for salads, or allowed to grow to full size. Harvests should be managed under a cut-and-grow-again system.

Can be sown at any time of year, but will always go to seed in late spring after growing though the winter. So an April sown crop will produce for over a year, while an October sown crop will be quite short lived.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 100