A rhubarb (or ruby) chard that adds a touch of colour to any vegetable garden.


Beta vulgaris Cicla Group

A rhubarb (or ruby) chard that is versatile and easy to grow. Elite has deep red stems and large, showy leaves that are green with bright red veins, adding a touch of colour to any vegetable garden.

Leaves can be harvested at any size, starting with baby leaves for eating raw in salads, right up to full sized when they are cooked like spinach. Chards are natural cut-and-grow-again crops; harvest leaves by cutting the stem at its base and new leaves will regrow ready for another harvest later on.

Like all chards, Elite is a biennial and can be sown any time of year, but will go to seed in late spring after growing though the winter. So seed sown in late spring will produce  harvestable leaves for over a year, while a December sown crop will be shorter lived. Remember, though, the spring sowing must be after all risk of frost, as a cold snap might trigger the plants to go to seed immediately. 

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 200