White Silver


An attractive Swiss chard variety with extra-wide white stems and dark green leaves.


Beta vulgaris Cicla Group

An attractive Swiss chard variety with extra-wide white stems. Leaves can be harvested as baby leaves when they are very tender and suitable for salads. If allowed to grow to full size the leaves and stems should be treated as separate vegetables, the stems can be sliced crossways, cooked in boiling water and eaten with butter, salt and pepper – simple, tender and tasty. In contrast, the large green tops can be chopped and cooked like spinach, or used as a home-grown substitute for grape leaves for wrapping.

Like all chards, White Silver can be sown at any time of year, but will always go to seed in late spring after growing though the winter. So an April sown crop will produce for over a year, while an October sown crop will be quite short lived.

White Silver is a gift that keeps on giving: it grows well year round outdoors, but over the winter months will produce very well if grown undercover in a polytunnel or greenhouse.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Approximate number of seed per pack: 200