Chilli Growing Kit: Apache

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A chilli growing kit containing seed of Apache, a easy to grow, compact chilli that produces plenty of hot fruit.

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Chilli growing kit with all the equipment* for raising at least three plants of Apache chilli

Apache is an early maturing, attractive plant with a compact, tidy growth habit that makes them ideal for growing in both large and small pots, and even look good in hanging baskets. The fruit start green and ripen to a rich red. They hang downwards like pendulums, and measure about 4-5cm long and 1cm wide. The fruit are hot and thin fleshed, which means they are good for drying.  This is a good variety to start with if you have little experience with growing chillies. Apache has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Each Chilli Growing Kit contains:
  • A pack of chilli seeds (10 seeds)
  • Seed tray
  • High dome lid for the seed tray
  • Seeding compost for the seed tray
  • Bottle top waterer for watering the seedlings
  • Three 1 litre pots
  • Labels for the pots
  • Detailed instructions for growing your chilli plants

*The only thing that you will have to buy is a small bag of multi-purpose compost for potting on.


Chillies are difficult to germinate so the kit provides 10 seeds to be sure you get at least three seedlings for potting on. The kit supplies three pots for potting on three individual seedlings. If you have good germination and more than three seedlings develop, the extra seedlings can be potted on if you buy more pots.