Aji Crystal


An alluring chilli that has a lot to offer with shiny, colourful fruit that have a wonderful fresh aroma.

Heat level:
medium (23,000 SHU)


 Capsicum baccatum

An alluring chilli that has a lot to offer.

The shiny, colourful fruit of Aji Crystal start a light yellow, then mature to an orange and finally red. The mature fruit reach a good size ­– on average about 20mm wide and 75mm long ­– and are shaped like an elongated cone. Heat levels are a pleasant medium, and like other C. baccatum varieties, the fruit have a fresh, yummy aroma and taste.

 Plants grow into erect shrubs with branches that gradually droop from the weight of the fruit as they develop. For the best yields, grow the plants either in the ground or in containers at least 7.5 to 10 litres in volume. They can be quite large, getting about 70cm tall, with a 60cm spread, when in 10 litre pots. Regardless of growing method, the branches will need tying up, otherwise they may snap off.

Heat level: 23,000 SHU (medium heat).
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Approximate number of seed per pack: 20

Additional information

Vareity details

Variety type: Open pollinated
Species: Capsicum baccatum
Heat level: 23,000 SHU
Fruit colour change: pale yellow to orange to red
Plant shape and size: erect shrub, up to 70cm tall
Suitable pot size: 7.5 to 10 litres
Support: yes