Aji Limo


A Peruvian beauty with colourful fruit that are so shiny they look as if they have been polished.

Heat level: approx. 35,000 SHU


Capsicum chinense

A Peruvian specialty that despite its name is a habanero (the name “aji” is frequently given to chillies belonging to the C. baccatum species). The fruit of this habanero are exceptionally beautiful, with a rich range of colours and an almost unbelievable glossy skin that looks as if it has been polished. When  young the fruit are a pastel yellow adorned with patches of lilac where the sun has shined on them. Then as they mature, the fruit turn orange and finally red. The fruit are mostly top-shaped, though they do vary, and measure about 30 x 45mm in size.

The fruit have the compelling aromatic habanero flavour, and are pleasantly hot rather than extremely hot like many habaneros.

The plants are not overly tall and so can be grown either in pots or the ground, though in both cases they will need support. A stunningly attractive plant that will lighten up any greenhouse or conservatory.

Heat level: 35,000 SHU (low end of the ‘hot’ category ). 
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Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20


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Aji Limo

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