Biquinho Yellow


Bright yellow, teardrop-shaped fruit with a full habanero flavour but very little heat.

Heat level: very mild
(approx. 400 SHU)


Capsicum chinense

A habanero with a difference, Biquinho Yellow’s teardrop-shaped fruit ripen to a bright yellow and measure only 1.2 x 2cm. They are full-flavoured, crunchy-textured and almost heatless – the ideal snack for eating fresh. They can also be  added to soups and stews, made into very mild sauces, and pickled whole.

The medium tall, bushy plants can be grown in 1 to 2 litre pots and kept on a windowsill. Alternatively, raise them in the ground or bigger pots up to 10 litres in volume – both plant size and yields will increase. Whatever method you choose, you should provide support to prevent the plants from falling over.

Heat level: very mild (approx. 400 SHU)
For more information on Scoville Heat Units and what they mean click here.

Approx. number of seed per pack: 15

At Sea Spring Seeds we also sell Biquinho Red, the twin to Biquinho Yellow. We also sell seed of Chupetinho, a hot version of Biquinho Red.