Hot Chocolate


Compact plants that yield masses of chocolate brown fruit graced with a pleasant aroma.

Heat level: very hot
(approx. 140,000 SHU)


Capsicum chinense

An impressive habanero that yields masses of very hot, shiny fruit graced with a strong, pleasant aroma. The fruit mature from dark green to a rich brown, and take on the shape of elongated cones that grow about 5.5cm long. Hot Chocolate was originally bought from a market trader in London’s East End, and we can’t believe our luck in finding it.

The plants develop into tidy, medium-sized bushes that can be grown in the ground as well as pots 5 to 10 litres in size. Though they are quite compact, they need some support to stay upright.

Heat level: very hot (approx. 140,000 SHU). 
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Approximate number of seed per pack: 20