Aji Benito


An easy-to-grow chilli producing lots of hot fruit with a thick, juicy flesh.

Heat level: hot
(approx. 37,000 SHU)


Capsicum baccatum

Aji Benito is an easy-to-grow chilli that produces lots of hot, elongated fruit measuring about 2 x 6cm. The fruit change from green to red as they ripen, and have a thick flesh that is sweet, juicy and crisp.

The plants are short and spreading – they measure about half a metre tall and one metre wide.  Grow them in pots 7.5 to 10 litres in size, leaving plenty of space between them. They will also need support to stop them from falling over.

Heat level: hot (approx. 37,000 SHU)
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Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20